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FAQ: S.4

K-Gloss S.4


K-Gloss S.4 professional hair treatment uses the newest and most innovative technology on today’s market to work with your hair, eliminate frizz, and relax waves and curls. Our formaldehyde-free hair smoothing and straightening products contain natural ingredients that nourish hair and help to fix damage, leaving it soft, vibrant, and frizz-free. K-Gloss S.4 Treatment is the newest professional hair smoothing system.


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Who can use K-Gloss S.4?

Everyone. K-Gloss professional hair treatment is recommended for all clients looking to replenish the building blocks of healthier hair.

How often do I have to do K-Gloss S.4?

Every 1 – 4 months on average, depending on the nature of your hair. Discuss with
your certified K-Gloss professional what the best option is for you to maintain
beautiful healthy hair.

Can I color/highlight my hair the same day as a K-Gloss professional hair treatment?

Yes, with K-Gloss S.4 you can color your hair the same day, before or after treatment.

What is the key ingredient in S.4?

Glyoxylic Acid. The S.4 professional hair treatment is used to smooth out the hair, and it also loosens or breaks the disulfide bonds allowing you to manipulate the hair to a straighter result.

I color my hair/get highlights. Will K-Gloss alter my color or tone?

Just like us, each hair color is unique. Some have noticed a shift in color with ash
shades from the temperature of heat used. If this happens, you can safely reintroduce the ash shade back into the hair after the S.4 professional hair treatment is complete (same day).

Will K-Gloss S.4 straighten my curly hair?

K-Gloss S4 can temporarily reduce 20, 40, or 60 percent of curls. Consult with your
K-Gloss professional to find out the best method for you.

I have fine hair. Will K-Gloss make my hair flat?

No, S.4 professional hair treatment is not applied to the scalp, therefore you can still achieve volume when styling.

I perm my hair, will K-Gloss affect my curls?

Yes, using S.4 after perm service will reduce the curls, but will also smooth out any
and all frizz, making the hair more manageable.


Consult your K-Gloss professional
to determine which hair treatment method is right for you.