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FAQ: Pinkbond

One keratin hair protection serum with multiple treatments to deliver frizz-free, strong, soft, and shiny results.

Pinkbond repairs, protects, strengthens, and fortifies hair. It is universally formulated to enhance all in-salon chemical services.


Pinkbond keratin hair protection serum allows clients to achieve the looks they demand without compromising the hair’s integrity.


Pinkbond can be used to restore damaged and compromised hair, or can be combined with another haircare service to provide the ultimate breakage protection.


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What is Pinkbond?

Pinkbond is a keratin hair protection serum that repairs, protects, strengthens, and fortifies hair. It is universally formulated to enhance all in-salon chemical services.

What is the key ingredient in Pinkbond?

Ammonium Gluconate (Fiberhance Technology) is used in strengthening the hair fiber.

How does Pinkbond work?

Pinkbond professional hair treatment rebuilds broken disulfide bonds and aids in the process of preventing further damage while repairing the hair.

What services can Pinkbond be used with?

All chemical and styling services, as a standalone hair treatment or in combination with repair treatments.

Does Pinkbond contain any harsh chemicals?

Pinkbond does not contain any harsh or damaging chemicals.

Is Pinkbond safe for children or pregnant women?

Yes, Pinkbond professional hair treatments are safe for all clients.

Is Pinkbond good to use on damaged hair?

Yes, Pinkbond actually repairs and protects hair from chemical and mechanical damage.

Is Pinkbond compatible with color services?

Yes, Pinkbond keratin care serum is the perfect companion hair treatment to use with color (will not shift color shade when applied in mixture).

Is Pinkbond compatible with permed hair?

Yes, Pinkbond can be used as a pre-wrap professional hair treatment to deliver beautiful, long-lasting, full-bodied curls.

Is Pinkbond compatible with rebonded hair?

Yes, Pinkbond will help in the repair of the broken bonds caused during the re-bonding process.

How long does Pinkbond last in the hair?

When used as a professional hair treatment, Pinkbond can last up to 1 month (based on a 3x a week shampoo schedule). When used as a styling product with tongs or iron, Pinkbond keratin care serum can last up to 2 weeks. In blow-dried and styled hair, up to 1 week or 3 shampoos.

Will Pinkbond lighten colored hair?

Pinkbond alone would not alter color during styling. Keep in mind that ash color molecules tend to evaporate with intense heat caused from styling tools. If this happens it is not caused by Pinkbond. Lower the heat on your hot tool.

Do I need to use any special shampoos after Pinkbond?

For best results after using Pinkbond professional hair treatments, the use of a sulfate-free or sodium chloride free shampoo is recommended. Remember to always have several products to offer your client.

What if I am not achieving the results Pinkbond claims it can do?

Pinkbond is designed to deliver every time. If you are not achieving maximum results, make sure you are following the correct steps. Technique is key. Then check the tools you are using. Do you need to upgrade or change out your tools? Make sure you are using updated tools to achieve max results.

What type of iron or tongs should I be using?

Titanium or ceramic-plated tools are recommended for best results when providing Pinkbond professional hair treatments. They help keep the heat evenly distributed while ironing the hair. This ensures even distribution of the product.

What is the difference between Pinkbond and other bond multipliers on the market?

  • Other bond multipliers need 3 products to use to achieve their results.
  • Pinkbond has 1 product to achieve the same results.
  • Pinkbond can also be used as a styling product.
  • Pinkbond has more than 1 delivery method in which to apply the product
  • Pinkbond can be measured or spot treated in application.


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